COVID-19 & Pool Maintenance

COVID-19 & Pool Maintenance

COVID-19 & Pool Maintenance

COVID-19 is on everyone’s mind these days. The pandemic is of serious concern to all.  One question that our Home Inspection Customer Service department is getting a lot is.  Should I worry about getting COVID-19 from swimming in my pool? This is what we recommend our clients regarding COVID-19 & Pool Maintenance.

Maintaining properly sanitized swimming pools is very important. Pool Inspection companies are essential to public health. It is very important to keep pools properly serviced and chemical levels maintained. The risk of pools not being maintained  increase the likelihood of mosquitoes and put swimmers in potentially unsafe bodies of water. COVID-19 & Pool Maintenance an important concern.

We already know that the CDC has no evidence that COVID-19 can be transmitted through properly sanitized pool water. Florida Builders Engineers & Inspectors, Inc has already confirmed this.

If you are concerned about the conditions of your swimming pool or any other body of water in your home Call Us for immediate attention. Our professionally trained staff of Home Inspectors and Engineers can assist you immediately anywhere in the state of Florida.  We service all 67 Florida counties within 48 hours of your call.  If you are concerned about your pool call us today as we answer all calls and emails immediately.

COVID-19 is definitely a virus to be concerned about and Florida Builders Engineers & Inspectors is prepared to address all of Florida homeowners concerns.  Our firm has Inspectors working on the ground in Miami-Dade, Broward, Palm Beach and Brevard counties testing pools and servicing Florida homeowners.  We are working in Central Florida counties including Brevard, Osceola, Orange and Seminole counties.  Our team has already made rounds through Santa Rosa, Okaloosa, Escambia and Walton counties in the panhandle area of Florida.

We are hopeful that the Coronavirus will be under control and the citizens of Florida will be safe.  We are hearing that a drug that was originally created to treat malaria is having great results controling the spread of the Coronavirus.

Stay tuned to this BLOG page for details on the COVID-19 virus. We will continue informing Florida residents as new information develops.