Florida Builders Engineers & COVID-19

Florida Builders Engineers & COVID-19

Florida Builders Engineers is ready to deal with the COVID-19 crisis in Florida. Our Inspectors and Surveyors have masks, gloves. They have plenty of antiseptic and sanitize all equipment regularly throughout the day. Continue to count on us for the lowest priced 4 Point & Wind Mitigation Inspections throughout all 67 Florida counties. Call  877-894-8001 or CLICK HERE.  We want to let all Insurance Agents and Realtors know that Florida Builders Engineers has taken every precaution to continue performing Elevation Certificates and Insurance Inspections to all Florida Homeowners during the COVID-19 epidemic.

For the latest information concerning the COVID-19 Pandemic tune into the most trusted source of information HERE. Homeowners rest assured that we will continue to provide the essential service the insurance industry needs.  Florida Builders Engineers has been serving Florida for over 25 years. Our Director             Roger Morales has committed to staying open through this crisis to ensure all Florida residents have the homeowners insurance they need.  “Every home in Florida that needs an inspection to obtain insurance can count on us” he said.


Our offices are open from 7AM to 7PM E.S.T. to ensure that no call is left unattended.  From Miami-Dade county to Putnam county, and from Monroe County to  Hillsborough county, every property that needs an elevation certificate will be serviced.  In the Florida panhandle counties, from Escambia to Leon county will also be serviced immediately.

Whether you need a 4 Point Inspection, a Wind Mitigation Inspection or an Elevation Certificate you can count on us.  Our reports are accepted by the all insurance underwriters in the United States. Including  Citizens, Universal Property & Casualty, People’s Insurance.  Our elevation certificates are performed in accordance with FEMA standards.

This pandemic will pass and Florida will recover. Our Governor Ron DeSantis has shown great leadership and has the right team in place to make sure that Florida businesses and residents start thriving again very soon.