Letter of Map Amendment

Letter of Map Amendment Miami

Property owners need elevation certificates for purchasing flood insurance or compiling Letter of Map Amendment (LOMA) applications.


As FEMA continues to update the nation’s flood maps, many properties will have their flood zone designations changed when new maps are released.
As a result, an increasing number of property owners may need a FEMA Flood Elevation Certificates and Flood Insurance.


Obtaining an FEMA Flood Elevation Certificate involves the time-consuming process of locating a surveyor and scheduling a survey. We make this process super easy for you.


From saving money on Flood Insurance by ordering an Elevation Certificate or saving money by never having to pay Flood Insurance again with a LOMA Letter completed by us. Homeowners Insurance by ordering a The FEMA Flood Elevation Certificate and LOMA Letter Certification will be delivered within 48 hours of your order.

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