Home Inspections in 2020

Home Inspections in 2020

Home Inspections are the main focus of Florida Builders Engineers & Inspectors.  FBEIN has been serving Florida for over 25 years. Home Inspections in 2020 are an even greater necessity than ever before says CEO and Founder Roger Morales.  “Home Inspections in 2020 take a lot more creativity to stay successful than it did in 1995 when we started”. Marketing to Buyers, Realtors and Mortgage Brokers is still necessary, but its no longer the only focus. He says.

Professional Expert Witness Services are becoming the leading source of income for this firm.  In the day and age of law suits galore. Attorneys are in desperate need of Licensed Professionals that can serve as Expert Witnesses for their cases.  Both Defendant and Plaintiff alike need this services.  Home Inspections consist of not only making the inspection and writing the reports, it also includes serving as Professional Witness at depositions and legal hearings.

This is where working with a licensed Florida professional is so important.  Florida Builders Engineers & Inspectors are very reputable and well known in the industry as being credible and professional Expert Witnesses.  Dozens of insurance companies throughout the State of Florida trust their inspections and their testimonies.

Last year Florida Builders Engineers & Inspectors served as Expert Witness in over 30 legal cases throughout the state of Florida. Personal Injury and Contractor Malpractice, are just some of the areas FBEIN specializes in.  Florida Builders Engineers & Inspectors makes thorough inspections of homes, buildings, parking lots and garages, roofs, and even seawalls.  if you are in need of a Professional Expert Witness CLICK HERE

Insurance companies are also a big part of our Home Inspections in 2020 client base.  Insurance companies throughout the U.S. rely on our inspections to make decisions of acquiring new clients.  Call or Click for immediate attention from us.