Get Your Water Heater Inspected TODAY!


“Water heaters are a huge liability for homeowners insurance companies in Florida”.  Peter Llerena of Allstate Insurance said when asked about insurance inspections. Get your water heater inspected by the pros at Florida Builders Engineers & Inspectors It is an easy inspection that costs less than $95.00.  Every homeowner must get on to save money on their insurance premiums.


The TPRV is a safety device. It prevents your water heater from turning into a projectile, and shooting through your roof. Most insurance underwriters are requiring this device to be installed on all water heaters prior to writing a policy. For a list of other insurance company requirements CLICK HERE

The age of the water heater is very important. It tells the underwriters the useful life of the tank.  If a tank is old it is prone to leaks and can create water damage. The conditions of the tank are also important. Rust, corrosion and cracking are important to note. Insurance companies want to know this. Another important fact to detail is the location of the water heater tank.  A tank exposed to the elements will deteriorate quicker, rust and leak faster than expected.

Is the tank electric or gas? Insurance companies want to know this. If it is gas is the water heater properly vented? If it is electric, is the tank in compliance with National Electric Code NEC and Florida Building Codes FBC? Get your water heater inspected is the goal of this blog.

Insurance agents all over Florida are relying on a professional water heater inspections, and no other Home Inspection company in Florida has completed more inspections that Florida Builders Engineers & Inspectors. We have over  1 MILLION REPORTS accepted by Citizens Insurance, People’s Trust Insurance, Universal Property & Casualty.