40 Year Recertification Miami

40 year Recertification Miami Dade

If you are considering buying a commercial property in Miami Dade or Broward counties in Florida. This is going to be very valuable information for you.  Recently, a real estate investor contacted our office regarding a violation notice from the local building department he had just received on a property he had just purchased  6 months before.  He purchased the property and did the usual due diligence inspection that is typical. but did not get the 40 year Recertification Miami. He made roof inspections and checked the electrical and plumbing elements of the two story multi family apartment building and although there were some issues found he proceeded to purchase the building.

It seemed that he nor his attorney were aware that the property was going to turn 50 years old in the next year and they were not aware that the local building departments in Miami Dade and Broward counties Under Section 8-11(f) of the Miami-Dade County Code, the owner of a building which has been in existence for forty (40) years or longer is required to have the building inspected for the purpose of determining the general structural condition of the building and the general condition of its electrical systems. In accordance with Section 8-11(f),  building owners must submit a written Recertification Report to the Building Official, prepared by a Florida registered professional engineer or architect ,certifying each building or structure is structurally and electrically safe for the specified use for continued occupancy. Get your 40 year Recertification Miami  here.

Miami Dade & Broward County Requirement

This is required at the 40 year anniversary year of the building’s construction and at every 10 year anniversary year of the building’s construction thereafter.  This building had just turned 50 years old, and the repairs that the client thought he could do leisurely and without permits were now going to have to be done immediately to avoid cost fines and penalties.

Florida Builders Engineers & Inspectors came to his rescue.  Our firm made the initial inspection of the building and detailed in a punch-list style report all the deficiencies in the building that needed to be addresses. In addition we requested from the city on the building owner’s behalf an extension of time to complete the final inspection report.  We are a Florida Licensed Engineering firm was able to not only provide all the necessary information for the written Recertification, we were also instrumental in providing the building owner with Electrical Plans and Photometric Calculations he needed to make the building “electrically safe for continued occupancy”

The building also had minor structural issues including spalling and some rebar issue that our firm was able to assist the building owner with licensed Florida Structural Contractors to make the repairs necessary.  The entire process took a little over 90 days to resolve for the building owner.  Needless to say he was very happy with our results. /https://floridarecertifications.com/40-year-recertifications/


If you are contemplating purchasing a commercial property is Miami Dade or Broward counties, remember to check if the Recertification inspection was done and if so; know what year it will be necessary to do it again.  Our client learned the hard way, he could have probably negotiated the price of the building had he known the Recertification was past due.  These 40 year Recertification inspections are required in Miami and are mandatory. Make sure you make this part of your due diligence process. https://inspectionsandelevationcertificates.com/contact/